Tis’ The Season


Please know that I don’t take your stopping by my little blog for granted. I appreciate the support very much.

In all the excitement, fun and fellowship that you’re about to enjoy over the next few days, please take a moment of silence or prayer for all families impacted by tragedy, separation and death.  I understand firsthand how difficult the holidays can be without those we love and hold so close to our hearts.

I woke up this morning thinking about the parents of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and shed a tear. My heart aches for any parent who has to bury a child. The pain is endless. There’s a huge whole in your heart that takes a long time to close, if ever.

I thought of the thousands of military personnel who long to be home with their loved ones for Christmas and can’t because they’re protecting our freedoms.  God bless each and everyone of them.

Lastly, may God bless you and yours real-real good!  Merry Christmas!


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