A World Divided by Trayvon Martin

This case has certainly stunned a nation. The problem is that the media has managed to fuel the story so much that people are up in arms and it’s turning away from the main point:  A child is dead who was armed with nothing but an Arizona Ice tea and a pack of skittles.

The demand in this case has always been the same and that was to see Mr. Zimmerman arrested and tried for his crime through the legal system. It was also about holding a police department responsible that may have been inept and to take another look at a gun law that may be skewed.

But thanks to the media it became about the victim Trayvon Martin and his three suspensions from high school, which had nothing to do with this case.  It became about tweets and Facebook posts that a 17 year old teenager made.  (What are your teenage children posting on Facebook and Twitter?)

Then the New Black Panther Party had to have their 15 minutes of fame by offering a bounty and appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 looking totally and utterly ridiculous. I won’t lie, I laughed. No one, especially African Americans take them seriously.  They are a hate group that was sued by the real Black Panther Party over use of the name and won.

Following that Director Spike Lee re-tweeted what someone had posted as George Zimmerman’s address which turned out not to be. I have to admit I was disappointed that Spike Lee would stoop so low but he did apologize and has met with the couple, from what I hear, he cut a check.

We then were fed a video of the Feb. 26th incident when Mr. Zimmerman was taken to the Sanford Police station which after claiming he was beaten within an inch of his life, showed no visible signs of injury. A few days later a claim comes out that the video was “doctored” by ABC News.

With peaceful marches and rallies being held across the country, Al Sharpton comes out with a statement that

he will call for an escalation in civil disobedience and economic sanctions if George Zimmerman is not arrested immediately.  WTF does that mean Al?  Immediately the media and internet were on fire with people doing what they do best, criticizing Al Sharpton for being a race-baiter.  I kid you not. I read some things that were so over the top.  That because of Al Sharpton black people would start looting and burning homes of white people.  We were on the verge of a massive race riot.  A revolution!  Do you actually think people take Al Sharpton seriously after all these years?  The rally Saturday went well. When questioned about the sanctions Al Sharpton said “That was never on the table.” 

If that wasn’t bad enough George Zimmerman’s retired Judge father came on CNN stating that the President of the United States was spreading hate because he made a comment that said, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” How is that spreading hate?   Now Trayvon Martin has been thrust into the presidential race.


The mounting misinformation and disinformation surrounding this case has led to powerful perceptions fueling all kinds of wild speculation.  Can we get back to what this case is really about:  Possible racial profiling, an inept police department and a relook at gun laws in Florida and 19 other States.  Everything else is wasted energy.

Think about that.