The Highs & Lows of Addiction – Flight – Movie Review

Being a Denzel Washington fan, I haven’t missed an opening of any of his films in years.  Yes he’s a leading man and double Oscar winner, but I enjoy his acting most when he plays flawed characters like Alonzo Harris in Training Day.

In his latest film, Flight, Denzel plays Whip Whittaker, a skilled Pilot but flawed man, with personal demons. Director Robert Zemeckis immediately pulls you into the drama the moment the movie opens and red flags start flying in your mind the minute Captain Whittaker boards his aircraft with a 55-minute flight bound for Atlanta.

The aircraft scenes are intense but the story actually begins once the plane lands.

The casting for this movie was great.  It was nice to see the re-team of Don Cheadle with Denzel Washington. (Devil in a Blue Dress)  Cheadle plays the attorney for the airline, hired to defend Denzel’s character.  They way the two act off of each other shows the talent of both actors. Other cast members include Garcelle Beauvais (Jamie Foxx Show),  Nadine Velazquez (Hart of Dixie), Tamara Tunie (Law & Order SUV),  Kelly Reilly (TV Actress Above Suspicion), Academy Award winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter), and Bruce Greenwood  (Young Justice)

Honorable Mention

Flight has a dark overtone so the casting of John Goodman (Roseanne) who plays Harland Mays, an old hippy and longtime friend of Whip Whittaker provides this movie with the perfect amount of comic relief.  In my opinion, John Goodman should receive an academy award for best supporting actor because he steals his scenes in this movie. I’m laughing as I write this.

To John Goodman – I say Bravo, well done!

Denzel Washington nails his performance and provides the perfect perspective when it comes to addictions and how difficult it is to overcome them.  Did we just witness another Oscar performance?  You be the judge. I highly recommend the movie Flight.










Box office November 2nd through 4th, 2012 – Flight was #2 and took in $25,010,000

The New Fall TV Season

There are certainly some new shows on television, as well as some returning favorites that I’m indulging in. Let’s talk comedy first. The New Normal by Glee Producer, Ali Adler tops my new comedy list. The casting is great and veteran actress Ellen Barkin makes the show. Her off-colored remarks add so much to this show. I read that 9 more episodes have been ordered. Yay!

NBC’s Revolution reportedly has already been picked up for another season. Thank goodness because it’s a great show. After NBC failed miserably with The Event starring Blair Underwood, they’ve certainly redeemed themselves with Revolution. The show follows a group of survivors 15 years after the power went out all over the globe.

ABC’s 666 Park Avenue might not make it. I love supernatural dramas and there’s enough intrigue on this show to keep it on. It was announced recently that Whoopi Goldberg will be joining the cast. The show opened to low ratings but if you’re a fan of the supernatural I say give it a chance.

ABC definitely has a hit with Last Resort, starring Andre Braugher. At first I thought it was a series for men. The premise: A renegade crew of a nuclear submarine led by Braugher go AWOL after defying an order to fire nuclear missiles. I’m loving this show.

I watched the pilot on CBS for Made in Jersey and while there was something a little appealing about the lead character, Martina Garretti played by actress Janet Montgomery, my prediction is this show will not make it. Can a small-town Jersey girl succeed in her high-powered law career in the big city? I can’t quite put my finger on why this show doesn’t work. It just doesn’t.

Another NBC show that I watched twice was Guys With Kids. This is the new comedy from comedian/talk show host Jimmy Fallon. It was just okay for me. I giggled a few times but I didn’t watch a third time.

I’m looking forward to Nashville which premieres on ABC October 10th. I think it will be a great show to watch with lots of juicy drama. I love Connie Britton. Her time last season on American Horror Story was great. For me this show is like Carrie Underwood vs. Faith Hill or Taylor Swift verses Reba McIntyre. At least that’s what the rumor mill is alluding to. I’m sure there’s no truth to the rumors but it has people excited nonetheless.

I’m sure there are many more good shows that I’m missing but I have my personal favorites such as Scandal, Revenge, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, Grey’s Anatomy, Person of Interest, 2 Broke Girls, and Mike & Molly. There’s only so much time in one week.

What are some of your favorites?