No Justice for Trayvon Martin

The Verdict is Read – George Zimmerman 7/13/13   (From CNN)

It took two days for the six women jury in the George Zimmerman case to return a verdict of  NOT GUILTY.   For a year and a half we’ve been immersed in this case, many times drawn along racial lines.  I won’t rehash the whole ordeal here because it’s not necessary. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard all about this case or have discussed it with someone you know.


While Facebook lit up like nightfall in Las Vegas following the news of the verdict, with people posting their disdain, I shed tears for a Mother and Father who walked away with absolutely no justice.  I watched the press conferences where the defense almost gloated over their client’s acquittal while failing to utter any kind words for the loss these parents are feeling all over again.

In my honest opinion, George Zimmerman will soon wish he had gone to prison.   Life as he has known it is over.  He will live each and every waking hour of the rest of his life in fear.  What type of life is that?  He claims he acted in self defense and a jury of 6 women, five white and one Hispanic, agreed with him.  It’s done.  He may have walked out of that courtroom free but he will never be free.

Media sites and blogs are already referencing the Rodney King case.  If anyone is inciting any riots, it will be the media.  People of all races and backgrounds are outraged over this verdict, not just Black people.  George Zimmerman stated he was on his way to Target when he spotted Trayvon Martin on that fateful night.  My question has always been: Why did you have a loaded gun strapped to you in a holster to go to Target?

Did the Prosecution not present their best case?  Obviously the star witness Rachel Jeantel wasn’t prepped properly.  I will admit I was embarrassed for her.    She was not a credible witness.

It doesn’t matter where you stand on this case.  Lives are forever changed. Sabrina Fulton & Tracy Martin have lost their child.  George Zimmerman  will serve a life sentence of fear.   No one wins all because of some bad choices made on a rainy evening back in February 2012 in Sanford, Florida.

7 thoughts on “No Justice for Trayvon Martin

  1. Too disturbed by so many different variables in the outcome of this case. The only solace is that, like others have commented. He will have to be hooded to walk around, discriminated against, jobless, people will cross the other side of the street when they see his ugly mug coming at them. He will live the rest of his life experiencing as a person of color does every day.

    I am looking forward to seeing the DOJ take this on federally.

    • I hate to sound skeptical but I don’t think it will fly, the DOJ. I’m wondering if the Martin family will file civil charges like they did in the OJ case..It’s not like they can actually get damages because George Zimmerman has nothing, but it at least would send a clear message that he just can’t get away with cold-blooded murder. I guess time will tell.

  2. Professor: The real issue is that “stand Your Ground Law” in Florida. That needs to be looked at the dealt with immediately but unfortunately it probably won’t change. As I stated before George Zimmerman will serve a life sentence. Living in fear always looking over his shoulder. Yes, it will fade from view as soon as the next sensational story comes along but he will always be the man that murdered an innocent child.

  3. Raunak: To reply to your comment: There is no way race was not at the heart of this entire case. Without rehashing the whole incident I’ve maintained from day one that this case could have gone completely different had George Zimmerman not been carrying a gun to “go to Target” as he has said he was doing on the night Trayvon Martin was killed. Had he not followed as the dispatcher asked and just waited a few minutes for the police to arrive, it could have gone differently. Further, when he finally did approach Trayvon why didn’t he simply ask him if he lived in the complex or where he was going? The 9-11 call was full of assumptions and at the heart of why people were citing “racial profiling.” Because he wore a hoodie (it was raining) and he, by George Zimmerman’s accounts “looked suspicious” blew me away. As for the jury being biased, I don’t know. The media continuously reported how the jurors were taking tons of notes. Six jurors with tons of notes reached a verdict pretty quick if you ask me. From a legal standpoint I guess they did their job because honestly the prosecution botched the case in my opinion.

    I was happy that this juror came forward and told it from her point of view.

  4. Hi Professor and Raunak – First, thanks for the welcome back. Man I’ll tell you, LIFE has been interesting but I’ll save that for another post. I of course have lots to say about this case but I’ll have to come back later on and do that. I’m pressed for time but wanted to get back with both of you. Let me leave you with a link for now and I promise I will be back later to add to it.

  5. Liberty! First let me say WELCOME BACK to the blogosphere! Where have you been!?

    I am not able to add much to this subject because I never followed the coverage. Then when the “breaking news” cut into my baseball game in the fricking bottom of the 9th inning as my team was probably about to win, I was forced to suddenly watch the final proceedings! I was thoroughly pissed at Fox! Nevertheless, even though I do not live in Florida, I do live in a similar state which also overly EMPOWERS its gun-owners (Texas).

    The following morning I was once again forced to watch the Zimmerman coverage, interviews, interpretations, etc. What I was most confused about it all — again, coming in at the end — was what “weapon” was Trayvon Martin carrying (or using?) on Zimmerman that he was compelled(?) to shoot Trayvon (twice?) and kill him?

    Yet, I’m not sure I even want to get immersed into the trial details because I was utterly nauseated and ashamed of one recent similar murder trial in my wild, wild West Lone Star state where Ezekial Gilbert was acquitted of murdering a Craig’s List escort (Lenora Frago) over $150!

    I know this….I am extremely uncomfortable when general “citizens” are given untrained extensive legal rights, let alone little or no consequences, to wield weapons, enforce laws and not letting trained law-enforcement do their job. But I realize too those ‘heat-of-the-moments’ are not always so cut-and-dry either. 😦

  6. I’ve been following the case as well…there maybe racial profiling at the heart of the crime but what I didn’t like about the Martin’s attorney’s talk yesterday was the use of the words “racial inequity” in the justice system. Was he hinting at a racial bias being shown by the jury?Do you think that this might be the case?

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